Basin wall cleaning

…using a pressure jet

Return of 2 Scots

On 24-25 June members of 2 Scots from Glencorse Barracks, Penicuik were back at the map for another sterling effort at clearing the sea-bed. Thanks  from the Mapa Scotland team to all involved.

Information panels installed

Three information panels have been installed around the perimeter of the map. They provide information on: 1.the origins of the map  2.the Polish Army’s role in Scotland and its link to Barony Castle during the Second World War   3.the construction of the map in the 1970s and its intended restoration beginning in 2014. The panels have been designed by Differentia, a company based in Hexham, Northumberland.

Newsletter – February 2014

Mapa Scotland logo
Welcome to our latest newsletter and apologies for the absence of communication over the winter. We’ve been very busy on a number of fronts, and I’m afraid the newsletter has been the victim of this.

Funding Package
In October we secured grant offer from Scottish Borders Council and the European LEADER Fund. This completed our funding package for the Mapa Scotland heritage project including restoration work on the Map. Our major grant providers are Barony Castle LLP, Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Edinburgh, European Leader Fund, Heritage Lottery Fund, Polish Connections, Scottish Borders Council Landfill Communities Fund and Community Grant Scheme.

This has enabled us to purchase equipment to speed up the cleaning process and over the last few weeks we have built a shed which means we have a store on site as well as a shelter when the showers hit us.

A small team of members have been working over the winter to clear the moss and weeds from the map, and also to repair pipework to restore the flow of water to the rivers, and to allow us to fill up the seas.

In the middle of February Soldiers from 2 Scots, Royal Regiment of Scotland, based at Glencorse Barracks, Penicuik joined us in our efforts to clear the map. Their efforts and expertise will be invaluable over the next few months as we begin the actual restoration work and the reconstruction of the original contours first developed in the 1970s.

Marketing and Interpretation Project
In October we were awarded a grant to develop a new website for the map, onsite interpretation panels and leaflets in English and Polish for distribution throughout the central belt, Lanarkshire and the Borders. This project is part-financed by the Scottish Government and the European Community Scottish Borders LEADER 2007-2013 Programme. Differentia Design Consultants have been commissioned to lead this work, which is progressing well. The website is operational, although some areas of it are still under development, the panels are being manufactured and the leaflets are at a draft stage. You can see the website at

It is intended to hold the AGM in April or early May. Why don’t you come along and find out more about what is happening and how you can get involved with the project. More information soon………

Joining Us
Please join us in our efforts to restore The Great Polish Map of Scotland. For more information, contact us at

Thanks lads! (and lass), of No. 2 Scots, Royal Regiment of Scotland

Soldiers of 2 Scots, Royal Regiment of Scotland, based at Glencorse Barracks Penicuik, tackled the map with gusto on Tuesday, 18th February, 2014. This was only their first visit and already the difference is obvious. Haste ye back!

New Workshop, February 2014


January 2014, Restoration phase begins

The main aim in restoring the map is to ensure that it becomes a permanent feature in the Borders landscape and an educational resource and visitor attraction for future generations to admire and enjoy. The map is a physical testament to the historical and cultural links between the Scottish and Polish nations in the past, and its restoration expresses a belief in ties continuing in the future.

January 2014.  Preparation of the foundation slab for new workshop.

December 2013. Having secured our grant aid we have started on restoration work.  Materials and equipment procurement is underway.  Rubble and vegetation clearance continues.  Repairs and improvement of the original water supply are almost complete.

The Scottish National Trail

Scotland’s longest walking route, the 470-mile Scottish National Trail from Kirk Yetholm to Cape Wrath passes very close to the Great Map via the Old Post Road, about ½ mile from the map. A visit to the map forms an ideal lunch break (with bar snacks available at the hotel).

Learn more about the Trail  here

Scottish Parliament Motion: 19 September 2012

That the Parliament recognises the historic significance of The Great Polish Map of Scotland in the village of Eddleston in the Scottish Borders, designed and built as a labour of love by a group of young Polish geographers from the Jagellionian University of Krakow in 1975 at the request of General Maczek, former Polish wartime Commander of the 1st Armoured Division, and the war veteran, Jan Tomasik; notes that this commemorates the vital role of Polish forces in the defence of Scotland in the Second World War and is a token of thanks to the people of Scotland for the hospitality and friendship given to the Polish people not only during the war years but also in the decades that followed; considers that this 50 x 40 metre, three-dimensional outdoor 1:10,000 scale model of Scotland, complete with mountains, landscape, flowing rivers, estuaries, coasts and seas located is a remarkable example of topographic landscape modelling of a complete country, with a design and layout involving pioneering survey and construction techniques with dynamic representation of major river basins using a gravity-driven water supply; further congratulates Mapa Scotland, a voluntary group established to protect and restore this unique three dimensional representation, reminding Scots of the historical heritage linking Poland with Scotland, and considers that this project deserves support. Continue reading