BBC TV – Secret Britain

The Great Polish Map features as one of Britain’s hidden gems in April 2015:


KB Polish TV interview

Mapa Scotland Secretary Keith Burns being interviewed for Polish television


The World’s Largest?

Solid Terrain Modelling Inc. and British Columbia Province in Canada report “the world’s largest physical terrain model” here.

It has an area of 276 sq.m. The Great Polish Map of Scotland has a land area alone of 780 sq.m. and is therefore 2.83 times greater in area than the BC model.  So it is the “largest in the world” until someone can reveal the existence of an even larger terrain map.

An aerial photograph of the map taken in 1992 shows two tiny human figures crossing the map

Figures in a landscape.
Two people (circled) crossing the map in 1992.
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For the story of its creation see Story of the Map

Restoring the Great Polish Map of Scotland.

“This relationship between Scotland and Poland is, I think, symbolised very appropriately in the
Great Polish Map of Scotland, and that’s why it’s so important that it’s restored.”
—Christine Grahame MSP


A short video (9 mins) about the map from our colleagues at Polish Scottish Heritage


Border ITV News report, October 2013


Fiona Hyslop announces Historic Scotland’s listing of the Great Map in September 1012